Imani Day (US)

Architect, Founder and Principal of RVSN Studios

Imani Day is an award-winning, licensed architect living and working in Detroit. She is the founder and principal of RVSN Studios, which is a design research practice with a focus on authentic, high-impact design that drives social progress at any scale. As an adjunct professor, Imani’s courses emphasize architecture as an intentional act of social justice and advocacy to combat racism and inequities in the built environment.

As a member of the executive board of the National Organization of Minority Architects and AIA Detroit, Imani continues to champion equity within the profession. As a writer and editor, Imani works to amplify underrepresented voices and uncover issues in the industry. She is proud to be the 13th African American woman to become a licensed architect in the state of Michigan and 463rd in America.

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