Jasmine Mendoza

Visual and Performance Artist

Jasmine Mendoza is a visual and performance artist based in Chicago. She creates and performs multimedia performance incorporating improvisation, sound, film, objects, and theatrical play. Jasmine is fascinated by imagery, time, environment, and the body’s ability to transform and extend beyond its human form when informed by these ideas. She has presented work and performed at the Art Institute of Chicago, Elastic Arts, Links Hall, Comfort Station, Experimental Sound Studio, Chicago Art Department, Contemporary Art Center of New Orleans, Music Box Village, the Lyric Theater, and held residencies at Links Hall, Carrizozo AIR, and the Banff Centre. Frequent collaborators include FORCE! (Anna Martine Whitehead, Jenn Freeman, Zach Nicol), Lia Kohl, Corey Smith, Kioto Aoki, Kim Alpert and Charles Rumback.

Photo credit: Kioto Aoki

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