Tabita Rezaire: Moon Meditations

January 21, 2021 12:00 am CDT

These lunar blessings inaugurate Tabita Rezaire’s Center for Moon Studies and Practices, an ever-evolving anchor for moon knowledge to understand and experience the vastness of her influence and nourish our relationship with the Earth’s satellite. The moon has always inspired the hearts and minds while regulating many cycles our eco-bio-social and spiritual systems.

These six moon meditations follow the cycle of the moon from New moon to dark Moon, harnessing lunar wisdom to support our visions. We are reminded to co-create with the moon, as each phase of the moon cycle carries a specific energy and influence on the cycle of creation.

Through these moon meditations filmed through Rezaire’s telescope under the skies of Cayenne in French Guiana, we are called to live in moon time and bring our body-mind-spirits in alignment with the rhythm of the moon. Under the guidance of the moon, we synch our creative energy with the motion of infinity.

This moon flow is an invitation to build intimacy with the moon, an opportunity to experience her depth, and an ode to her glow.

May the wisdom of the moon guide us on our journey towards the soul.

An original Daata commission