Screening: LITANY Part II: Issue (of Blood) — Presented by Rebuild Foundation

  • EXHIBITION Weekend 2020
  • September 25, 2020 7:30 pm CDT

    By Po’Chop aka Jenn Freeman

    EXPO CHICAGO partners with the Rebuild Foundation to present Part II of LITANY, a five-part dance film manifested and performed by Chicago Dancemakers Forum artist in residence Po’Chop aka Jenn Freeman. Created in collaboration with Jordan Phelps of VAM Studio, LITANY uses brown paper and imagination to create new worlds full of rumbling anger and playful humor. LITANY is a voyage through a wooden dollhouse. A prayer whispered in grass-lined lots. A leap into the historical pages of Ebony magazine. A collage. LITANY is an exorcism expelling antiquated notions of Blackness, queer identity, spirituality, grace, rage, and healing.

    LITANY Part II | Issue (of blood) is a prayer performed in a Bronzeville lot. It is the embodiment of Audre’s Lorde’s definition of erotic reimagined as the holy spirit. It is the deconstruction of our ideas of praise and worship. It is the edifying of womanhood & femininity. 

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