Feel My Metaverse by Keiken + George Jasper Stone

  • Daata
  • CDT

    Feel My Metaverse is a new CGI film, Augmented Reality (AR) and immersive installation by Keiken + George Jasper Stone about a hyper-fictional future. It plays on our understanding of reality and the idea that we can create our own future through the stories we collectively believe in. The narrative of the film critiques the disconnection of the monopolising desires of corporate and futurist visions, within the wider context of inequality and the climate crisis facing humanity at the moment. Considering the increasing fragility of shared belief systems, it contemplates how individuals can be required to trust and live in realities that they intuitively disagree with. However, in this fictional space technology is also used as an emancipatory tool to explore sensory understanding, fluidity of expression and ableness.

    The film is set in a time in the future when the climate crisis has rendered the earth uninhabitable and humans dwell in ‘Life Units’ which enable them to escape into virtual worlds. It explores the daily lives of three characters – Pando, O and C – and their experiences in Pome Sector (a corporate wellness world), 068 (a progressive beta VR world for learning/roleplaying, an anomaly in the system) and Base Reality (which we currently know as earth). Living in a metaverse with multiple bodies and realities, the characters navigate the challenges of existing in a system controlled by corporation Alipay while also reaping the benefits of its technology including Uber 3000 Moral Compass™, the most recent upgrade which features inbuilt psychiatry and ultimate knowledge.

    Keiken and George Jasper Stone collaborated with Charlotte Oppenheim, Sakeema Crook, Linda Rocco and Khidja for this project.