Artist Talk | Jill Magid: Tender: Balance

  • April 10, 2021 6:00 pm CDT

    Please watch tonight at 6pm CDT with the video above. This event is free and open to the public and live captions will be provided. Leave any questions for the panelists in the embedded chat.

    Featuring the premiere of a new film and other new works, Jill Magid’s Tender: Balance at the Renaissance Society thinks about the circulation of currency and measures of absence and loss, with dimensions that are both intimate and attuned to larger systems. This exhibition is the second manifestation of a larger unfolding project by the artist, set against the backdrop of the pandemic. While developing new threads, Tender: Balance parallels Magid’s monumental but nearly-invisible public artwork, Tender, produced by Creative Time in New York last fall, for which Magid engraved the edges of 120,000 new US pennies with the words ‘THE BODY WAS ALREADY SO FRAGILE’ and quietly put them into everyday circulation. On the exhibition’s opening day at the Renaissance Society, artist Jill Magid joins curator Karsten Lund to discuss the project and its various manifestations, in Chicago and beyond.

    Presented in partnership with the Renaissance Society